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    Recently, I was talking to Gab of SEO Roi about a good way to find do-follow blogs, amongst the ideas given was one so simple and effective that we were both amazed that neither of us had thought of it before. Using each method in this(including the different permutations in the alt text section), there are several thousand available; much more than are available via services like CommentHunt.

    The easiest way to currently identify a blog that has do-follow links in their comments is the presence of an image that says “U Comment, I Follow”, like the one pictured below.
    U Comment I follow

    Now, the catch with these has historically been that there’s been no central repository of participants. Since it is an image, you cannot simply search Google for it either, as Google cannot read the text.

    The Method
    We discovered that a lot of the blogs that use a relatively static “alt” text. Now, while most search engines themselves do not search alt text in their standard results, image searches are entirely different matter.
    By searching Google Image Search (or other image searches) for “U Comment I Follow” (with quotes is more accurate, but without quotes gives more results), we can pull a substantial list of do-follow blogs. By appending your given keyword(like “seo”), you can get more targeted blogs.
    In addition, searching for “U Comment” or “I Follow” separately bring up a lot more results.

    It’s More Accurate Than You Think
    For whatever reason, most of the images Google returns for the above searches are not the images of the “U Comment, I Follow” project. However if you visit most of the sites listed, they actually DO have the image showing they’re a part of the project, Google just doesn’t return that as the search result. Odd, I know

    Other Variations on the Method
    Alt tags are not the only footprint available for this. It also uses relatively predictable image names.
    You can search for these either using the inurl: command, or searching for the filename itself.

    • ifollowblue.gif, ifollowgreen.gif, ifollowpink.gif, ifollowpurple.gif, ifollowltgreen.gif, ifolloworange.gif, ifollowwhite.gif,
    • ifollowmagenta.gif
    • ifollow.(gif/png/jpg, take your pick)
    • utrackback_ifollow.gif
    • ifollow-red.png
    • inurl:ucomment
    • inurl:ifollow

    There’s a million more, so try and find them. They’re worthwhile if found within your niche. This entry is more of a tip than a complete guide.

    Enjoy Kids!

    102 Responses to “Finding Do-Follow Blogs the Easy Way”

    1. rishil says:

      Ooh the poor guys – you have just exposed them to hundreds of comment spammers. Ouch!

    2. admin says:

      Nah, spamming them is not practical. Do-Followers moderate like crazy.

    3. Glen Allsopp says:

      Another option is to use http://www.dofollowblogs.com

      Nice write-up non-the-less

    4. admin says:

      Thanks Glen! Good resource. Haven’t seen ya online in a bit.

    5. James Dunn says:

      Speaking of do-follow blogs, how about making the switch on this one. I’m sure you moderate the comments anyway.

    6. Gab from SEO ROI says:

      Appreciate the link :) . Second the motion on adopting dofollow; I’ll be doing it myself as soon as I pick a plugin and find a minute to install it/cut the footprints ;) .

      BTW, nice list/find on the footprints. On a related note, something we talked about has led me to find something that could be a huge security breach/identity theft issue. Message me to talk about it some more.

    7. admin says:

      @Gab: I will as soon as I see you online
      @JamesDunn: I’m considering it, but first I’m going to dump akismet and get myself a replacement. Just been really busy lately. Also, I’m going to be directing PR a bit here, and I have to figure out how to factor that in(certain internal pages I want to push harder than others, and I have to figure out how to manage a lot of external links while still achieving that goal)

    8. Como encontrar blogs i-follow « El rincón seo de Raquel says:

      [...] Comment I Follow”, podemos encontrar los blogs que no tienen no-follow. En este blog, nos cuentan otras maneras de localizar sitios en los cuales no tengan el atributo no-follow, es decir, como encontrar blogs con i-follow de una forma más rápida. Aunque supongo, que [...]

    9. Chris Estes says:

      I haven’t tried the method you have just described… But do you think that the SE’s are eventually de-index and make most them of less value and not worth the time to post?

      I read jennifer laycocks hide and speak series on not allowing the big SE’s in http://www.searchengineguide.com/jennifer-laycock/hide-and-speak.php
      I know that blogs and such can survive without them. But at my guess is most of these blogs will die without them. Your thoughts?

    10. Jack Rack says:

      Why do you think this returns more results than using commenthunt? Did you just do a couple straw samples and see more results? Comment hunt still has useful sorting capabilities.

    11. admin says:

      @Chris: I doubt it. Most people that do-follow their comments are VERY diligent about editing their comments, and make sure nothing spammy gets through. Beyond that, Google doesn’t really de-index due to crappy outgoing links. Otherwise, there’d be no guestbooks left!

      I say this because in my tests, I found several more blogs within my selected niches than I have ever found using commenthunt. Commenthunt, 90% of the time for me, returns the same few blogs. As soon as I have time though, I may make my own commenthunt like site for these.
      I’ve tried something similar before, but had people bitching at me for my crawler. I have a host now who doesn’t care if they complain, so I may give it another go.

    12. Todd Mintz says:

      I rhetorically wonder if “do follow” is even an issue outside of the techy sphere we all inhabit…if your sphere is non-techy, can you just do a normal course of blog commenting knowing that a you will be getting enough do-follow links to make the process worthwhile.

    13. Patrick Burt says:

      Someone posted this link on SitePoint a while ago that uses Google Custom Search Engine with searches through 800 (I think the number was) sites with dofollow:


    14. Sam Freedoms Internet Marketing Controversy Blog says:

      I’m reluctant to say this because I don’t want too many people knowing that I’m smarter than I really am ;-) Proof is that Gab was kind enough to contact me to warn me about my site showing up for this search.

      I don’t mind “comment spammers” – most of my commenters are not of that variety but I don’t mind them. I try to create my operations so that EVERY SINGLE LITTLE ACTION COUNTS. If someone visits my blog, it triggers something somewhere else that then triggers something somewhere else and so on… almost exponentially.

      So ANY visitor showing up at my site helps. And frankly, if someone wants to hand comment spam at my blog, there’s a good chance it could look a world more intelligent than 90% of the comments one finds at a problogger’s blog.

      But thanks, I like the way you think.

    15. news says:

      good post about do follow blogs bez in this way your cost is nothing

    16. Paul (Social Launch) says:

      Happy New Year 2008 everyone! There is another product “Comment Kahuna” that is free and runs on your PC. It’s been useful and you can save the results (although I haven’t done that). As a side effect of sorts, I found many blogs that I’ll return to, to read new posts.

    17. Brian says:

      It might be worth it to refine this technique a bit by not clicking through the search results of your footprint query. Instead, just make a note of the domain name, or better yet, its title and other meta data, then craft another query that will yield the target site as a result.

      Example: Let’s say that your do-follow image search query yields http://www.example.com as a result. It’s probably a do-follow blog, but you don’t want the webmaster, John Doe, to see “U Comment I Follow” as a referrer when he examines his logs.

      Instead, try searching for “John Doe East Podunk” or “John Doe blog” until you can find http://www.example.com as a result of a less suspicious query.

    18. DulceNegosyante says:

      It’s such ironic that some guys have those “u comment i follow” badges but they still have the “nofollow” tag.

    19. Penalised for linking to bad neighbourhoods - watch your blog comments. | PimpMyPageRank.com says:

      [...] on these blogs helps you to take a defensive position on your own sites. Knowing how a spammer finds dofollow blogs to spam, for example, helps you to keep these spammers at [...]

    20. Elliott says:

      Thanks for the great tip! I was wondering about how to do that, and I had never thought of a Google image search. There has been lots of times that I have been wanting to search for something and the regular serps hasn’t really returned anything relevant.

      I guess I’ll give this a try, and thanks!

    21. Google Music Man says:

      good tips for doing htis, is there a way to track in google what is popular for videos of the day? something like a trends for the videos?


    22. admin says:

      @Google Music Man:
      Yes. There is.

      ^”Movers and Shakers” for the day. Includes a few sources, but also youtube. Links at the top will also show most viewed, blogged, etc.
      Good for anticipating a viral effect.

    23. Louis says:

      I had never thought of doing image searches to find nofollow blogs, you learn something everyday. I see people referencing commenthut when dofollow blogs are mentioned, and from my understanding of commenthut, unless its changed recently, that it does not return dofollow blogs only, its a mixture of no and do.
      I did however a few weeks back come across a great little script for finding dofollow blogs at http://www.dofollowblogs.net
      and it can find the dofollow blogs by keyword, just my 2cents on this all.!!

    24. More DoFollow Links for Your Site · pilkster.com says:

      [...] on from yesterday’s post I came across Shady’s view on dofollow via a drunken thread at [...]

    25. Matt says:

      Great tip…just concerned of wasting effort going over blogs I already did…I used bumpzees list originally but that has turned to crap with all the blogspot, etc still in the list

    26. Paul says:

      Hi have created a site with over 750 do follow blog links at http://www.dofollowblog.info sorted into different custom google search engines.

    27. ø Get Google Image Search Results With PHP | W-Shadow.com ø says:

      [...] Whatever you do, don’t do this. [...]

    28. Small says:

      Good tip as I can see it will be useful to me. Too bad there isn’t a Dofollow Directory yet that lists these blogs. There are directories for just about everything else under the sun now days.

    29. Finding blog links - Business Forum UK - Advice Help Questions and Discussion - A1 Forums says:

      [...] This might also be of interest. I’m not sure I agree with the idea of creating your blog login name as some useful anchor text. Sooooo spammy and obviously so. Also, if you are on the link spam trail don’t forget building 43. d __________________ Red Evolution – Website Optimisation | SEO Blog | Web Design & Development and Something Different [...]

    30. How to find dofollow blogs says:

      [...] Finding the badges of dofollow blogs via image search. [...]

    31. golfsport says:

      i don’t think that comment spammers work nowadays. so far.. you could easily filter blog spammers. plus with the no follow blogs. its kind of useless.

    32. Blogmasterpg says:

      Good post and good idea, very useful; it’s the first time i eard it, thanks.

    33. asianlove says:

      I of course love the do-follow as much as anyone else, but I really don’t buy into the whole hype about no-follow not counting. I think the big G still keeps track and adds them into the equation. I think it all helps, follow, no follow, even just text with your url name, I think google is slurping it all up and packing it all away. Carefull what your thinking, google probably reads minds now!

    34. Wonderabby says:

      Thanks, the dofollow movement has helped me a lot both in viral marketing and link building. Very useful info on how to find dofollow blogs. Check out this post on getting on the dofollow bandwagon — this will help you and your readers.

      Do Follow your way to Viral Success

    35. Los Angeles Seo says:

      The Do Follow movement is definitely a plus in the SEO world – with blogs taking the front seat as a link resource. I think the mutual support that do follow blog commenting offers is a great advantage.

    36. catfightreport says:

      I just removed the no follow tag from the html in blogger.

      I also inserted the logo, so I hope everything works.

      If a few of you are willing to post comments, and check it out, I would be grateful, and in return will post on your blogs.

      I want to make absolutely sure this works for everyone, because this “dofollow” movement is a good one in my view.

    37. Chris Tucker says:

      Building a Website with Blog Links is IFFY.
      Word is Google is tired of getting tricked by Blogs, and may disallow all Blog Links altogether.
      Enjoy it, while you still can ?

    38. Do-Follow Blogs says:

      [...] addition, searching for “U Comment” or “I Follow” separately bring up a lot more results. Finding Do-Follow Blogs the Easy Way : Slightly Shady SEO Why people you follow on Twitter don’t [...]

    39. jason says:

      You can search for do follow .ed and .gov links by typing this into google… site:.gov inurl:blog “web design”

    40. blogfixes says:

      this is great! thank you! cheers!

    41. cake boards says:

      Wow!! this blog makes me hungry! Yummy.

    42. Amalfi Coast says:

      Thanks mate for resource!!

    43. Pushkar says:

      Nice tip Shady

    44. Angie says:

      But Glenn do we have a check and balance by using this, i mean can we control it.

    45. Sam says:

      Good suggestion Glen but could this resourse helps us out to prevent.

    46. Eric - InfiniteWebProfit says:

      Just stumbled here for a drop and found this article very helpful. I give a “thumbs up”(stumbleupon) for this.

      Thanks for the great share.

    47.   Do Follow Blogs And How They Can Help Your Ranking by The Greatest Internet Salesman says:

      [...] to find Dofollow blogs using [...]

    48. Make Money Online w/ Gusher says:

      thanks for sharing this pal. my was “do follow” too. :)

    49. Make Money Online w/ Gusher says:

      sorry, that was “my blog”. thanks.

    50. Romantic SMS messages says:

      thx to write such a nice and help full article i was just looking how to find dofollow blogs and google is great which give me ur site link.

      thanks to u and google.

      Now http://www.dofollowblogs.com ac has been suspended.

    51. dofollowblog mania says:

      i love dofollow blog, thanks! but im not a spammers! lets comments wisely..

    52. Blue Line says:

      Nice tip Shady, btw are you from BHW?

    53. Waken | NetBizSimplified says:

      I remembered that there’s a way to do such search on SE but have forgetten somehow. Glad that I found this …Thanks.

    54. Blogger Nick says:

      Thanks for the information it will ge quit useful.

    55. derya baykal says:

      mod thanks and you :)

    56. ghing says:

      thanks for the info.. now, I can easily look for do-follow blogs..


    57. kriss says:

      thanks i too found something alike
      at dofollowbloging.com

    58. Surfer says:

      Hey! I was looking for this tool for a while. Thanks a lot!

    59. Link Building Blog says:

      Those are some very ingenious ways of finding do follow blogs. I like this much more than the search engines designed for it at the moment. The possibilities are endless!

    60. Harrey says:

      Great article. You said it all. I think there is nothing left. it will be quit helpful. Thanks :)

    61. Damin says:

      look a lot of “dofollow” sites are actually nofoolw, just look at your post or any others. By claiming you are a “dofollow” you can create a little bit of a buzz, more like a swarm of BLOGGERS to your site. So just check the site HTML source out after you have commented and you will see. Press ctrl+f(find) and type follow and a lot of the time you will see nofollow in some form or another come up before your “link”. Not all, but quite a few of these sites do this, just be aware!

    62. Damin says:

      One more comment on http://www.dofollowblogs.com
      the first two sites I looked at had nofollow tags before every link. :( oh well

    63. Jason says:

      Thanks Shady. I appreciate you sharing the knowlegde to help the rest of us out!

    64. Free Fitness tips says:

      Worthy trying tips. Though using a do-follow blog directory is a much easier way :)

    65. TJ says:

      Thank u for this .. was looking for do follow blogs to promote me websie.

    66. 5 SEO Linkbuilding Tips to Boost Search Results In Google - Barry Wise NJ SEO and Marketing Consultant says:

      [...] But how do you find dofollow comments? Here’s a Google query tip from Slightly Shady SEO about using Google image search to find dofollow [...]

    67. webmaster says:

      thts a bad way to show bad intentioned guys on the otherhand it’s good for ethical posters

    68. Jacob says:

      Great tips, commenting on dofollow blog makes your search engine ranking higher…A good backlink indeed.

    69. Ice Rabia says:

      Really great tip. I am near the bottom pit of searching do follow blogs. Thanks for giving this information. You have helped me a lot…

    70. Nickie says:

      great tip.
      thanks shady..

    71. punkypaige says:

      Thank you for this information!

    72. matt says:

      …I write because I’m afraid to say some things out loud…

      good tips

    73. MBRE says:

      Thanks for the tip. Newly into do-follow blogging, so I can use all the help I can get.

    74. HD wallpapers says:

      WOW Great tip, in this way I hope I will manage to make my websites page rank higher. Really Thanks ;)

    75. Peter White says:

      I’ve turned nofollow back on recently because of the amount of spam comments I was getting.

    76. Balaji says:

      amazing tutorial…..

    77. Scar says:

      Genius! I’m amazed at how many golden nuggets you give away over here.

    78. Social Media Company says:

      This is a very good tip -
      Thanks for putting it up here.

    79. Kim Dion says:

      Great tip I was wondering where you little tag was I saw it in your post…LOL. Thanks for sharing good information.

    80. Get Google Image Search Results With PHP | Cloud Hill 1045 says:

      [...] Whatever you do, don’t do this. [...]

    81. Dara says:

      I never thought of using image search for finding dofollow blogs, but then again…I also never noticed that nifty .gif.

      Thanks for the tip.

    82. George the Web Designer says:

      Thank you very much for the tips! I will need some publicity soon for the websites I develop at the moment and some additional links wouldn’t go amiss.
      I like to read blogs and leave comments anyways, so I would combine the work with the pleasure. (Sorry, that’s not right. I like to design and develop websites too, so I’ll combine pleasure with pleasure :-) ).


    83. Thomas says:

      Some dude stole your work and posted it at digital forums:

    84. James Poole says:

      Great post there

      probably still the best way of finding them, most of these “custom search engines just dont work any more

    85. Grant says:

      Excellent tip. You can also try to search for wordpress plugins like, “comment luv”

    86. MattA says:

      Excellent guide. But is blog commenting on relevant or semi-relevant do-follow blogs really worthwile?

      Would be great to hear your opinion XMCP, 1 year later from when you posted this.

      Cheers from Matt.

    87. Webmaster Tools says:

      Never thought it is easy to find do follow blog using google. Thanks for the great tips.

    88. noni benefits says:

      Wow. Fantastic tip. That is something that i never expected.

    89. http://www.orderstemulite.net says:

      Kick ass idea. I almost blew this off because I’ve been searching out said blogs for a long time. Then…I decided to check it out. You had a lot of ideas I had never thought of. Cool.

    90. Dilruk says:

      Great tip it really helped me.

    91. Susan says:

      What a few neat tricks!! :)

    92. mp3house says:

      thanks for sharing with us , it works smoothly

    93. DoFollow Blogs – How To Find Them? | NetBizSimplified says:

      [...] discovered this from slightlyshadyseo.com and is indeed a method that has not been discussed before. A very eye opening method that the [...]

    94. Sandy says:

      thanks man, this is going to help me a lot…

    95. Minh Le says:

      Thanks for the tip, we’re all here because we want to boost rank in google and you just save me a tone of time.

    96. Minh Le says:

      Hey, wouldn’t all this make it possible for robots to spam. Do follow blogs are usually simple but it would be nice to add image verification here.

    97. Oracle says:

      Excellent information. The problem I run into is some blogs say they are dofollow, but when you look at the source code they leave in the no follow code. Buyer beware.

    98. brain Tom says:

      This was a great site, I got a lot information from this site.

    99. Digital Marketing Blog says:

      Thanks for the tips. I really like the comment by Sam Freedom. We can cope with the increase in spam from dofollow blogs because the plus side is the increase in traffic. If our site’s are primed to take advantage of the increase in traffic, it is a small price to pay. Best wishes.

    100. SEO Ebook says:

      Thanks for the great tips.Never thought it is easy to find do follow blog using google.

    101. GSchneider says:

      Pretty nice… Hope you can write more, so I can read more!

    102. Bunny says:

      Thanks for the info. Links are so important but the biggest pain to get! I have had some success with “do follow” blogs. However, most of the time, my comment is deleted because they think I am spamming. Oh well, my link building quest continues!

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