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    Ok, so yesterday I was chatting with IncrediBill (yes, the anti-scraping evangelist) and he sent me over a hacked site that someone had injected hidden links on (conveniently warning me that my virus scanner better be up to date AFTER he sent the links). Anyways, I viewed the source, and found what is quite possibly my favorite footprint ever. Yes, I blurred out the URL. While I don’t support SEO crackers, it’s not my place to call them out. Either way, enjoy. Follow the red line to see the footprint.

    Funniest. Linkspam. Ever.

    Yeah, so there’s no technical anything in this post. Soon as I think of a new post there will be. Later today maybe.


    24 Responses to “Funniest. Footprint. Ever.”

    1. Gyutae Park says:

      LOL that’s awesome.

    2. Julian Sutter says:

      That is awesome. I would love if he/she had hacked an XML site with XSLT rendering =).

    3. TheMadHat says:

      LMAO…probably will still take Google 6 months to eliminate it.

    4. Sterkworks says:

      Very funny. He/she isn’t even very creative with naming things. Lazy.

    5. underworld says:


    6. JustinM says:

      Or he is creative, but also just hilarious.

    7. TheBlackhatCoach says:

      Comical, but not a knee slapper.

      Good eye on you tho.


    8. Leprekon says:

      There are other reasons why a link like that could be placed there hidden from actual users. Because I can’t see the actual URL or rest of the code around the link it’s harder to see the reason they did it, but one reason would be to catch traffic sources that are sending hitbots. Human users wouldn’t ever follow the link, but a hitbot would.

    9. Briana says:

      I bet this person will be quite embarrassed if they see this post. We all make mistakes so learn from your mistakes (and others).

    10. nBridges Media says:

      well we can assume, he follows good coding standard of naming things right so others can also understand his code :)

    11. BradleyT says:

      Leprekon are you dumb?

      They misspelled the SPAN tag and used .

      Very funny stuff.

    12. jason says:

      OMG! That is totally hilarious! Thanks for sharing=)~

    13. chatmasta says:

      yeah uh…guys….its just a SPAN typo

    14. SEOShadow says:

      Freudian typing, much?

    15. Jorked says:

      “Comical, but not a knee slapper.”

      I don’t know, my knees about slapped themselves.

    16. Skin Laser Essentials says:

      Sometimes it’s better to learn from others mistakes than your own :-)

    17. JB says:

      Wonderful. I’ve seen people name their hidden text div’s “hidden text”… no creativity.

    18. mark says:

      It’s a simple span typo probably.

    19. chidalu says:

      so when are we gonna see the next post? its been 10 days!!

    20. Ben says:

      spam tagged – brilliant!

    21. Ben says:

      Infuriating – forgot you can’t place things in brackets!

      …it was meant to read: spam tagged as spam – brilliant! Got there in the end!

    22. Colin says:


    23. Basketball Games says:

      A great fun.I really enjoyed.

    24. Builder says:

      Спасибо, интересно=)

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