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    Alright. So today’s post is over at Search Engine People, and is on Blackhat Ethics, and essentially why I feel no remorse for Google. Should be an interesting discussion. Definitely look around while you’re there.

    And as always, if you haven’t yet check out the lovely advaliant promotion that’s running right now, you should do that after reading the guest post :)


    4 Responses to “Today the Post is Over at Search Engine People”

    1. underworld says:

      will go read it now – you and your advaliant promo….

    2. Black Hat Digest says:

      Hmmm someone likes advaliant.

    3. Gab Goldenberg says:

      shoutouts to u during my smx pres’n :) . this is totally offtopic but im gonna be submerged for a bit, n i thought u might care to hear it.

    4. Jack Rack says:

      About your post on the other site, I think you sum it up best when you say, “Google is looking out for Google, and no one else. I will do the same.”

      Look at this ludicrous spin article from today: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/080611/google_schmidt.html?.v=2

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